Figure 4.

Phenotypic and histological analysis of MZ B cells in p50-/- mice A. FACS profile of splenocytes from 2 and 6 month old B6 and 6 month old p50-/- mice revealed by B220/CD1d and B220/CD9 profiles. B. FACS histograms showing IgM levels on MZ and FO B cells (shaded and clear regions, respectively) as determined by CD21/23 profiles. Cells present in the MZ B cell gate in p50-/- mice express higher levels of IgM compared with FO B cells, similar to B6 mice. C. IF reveals well demarcated IgMhi cells (in red) in the MZ outside of the laminin staining (which identifies the marginal sinus; in green) in 6 month p50-/- mice.

Ferguson and Corley BMC Immunology 2005 6:8   doi:10.1186/1471-2172-6-8
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