Table 8

List of TCR BV families and antibodies used in the flow cytometry assay
Antibody names Clone Family name
V β1 BL37.2 TRBV9
V β2 MPB2D5 TRBV20
V β3 CH92 TRBV28
V β4 WJF24 TRBV29
V β5.1 IMMU157 TRBV5
V β5.3 3D11 TRBV5
V β5.2 36213 TRBV5
V β7.1 ZOE TRBV4
V β7.2 Zizou4 TRBV4
V β8.1 & V β8.2 56C5 TRBV12
V β11 C21 TRBV25
V β12 VER2.32.1 TRBV10
V β13.2 H132 TRBV6
V β13.6 JU-74 TRBV6
V β14 CAS1.1.3 TRBV27
V β16 TAMAYA 1.2 TRBV14
V β17 E17.5F3 TRBV19
V β18 BA62 TRBV18
V β20 ELL 1.4 TRBV30
V β22 IMMU 546 TRBV2
V β23 AF23 TRBV13

The antibodies were purchased from Immunotech (Beckman Coulter) and used for the analysis. A kit IOTest Beta Mark became available during the study and was used in place of individually purchased antibodies. Nomenclature of the IMGT, the international ImMunoGeneTics information system webcite.

Ciupe et al.

Ciupe et al. BMC Immunology 2013 14:35   doi:10.1186/1471-2172-14-35

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