Figure 4.

Treg frequency is diminished. PBMCs from baseline and 3 months following treatment (n=12) were obtained and multicolor flow cytometry was performed. A general reduction in frequency of several Treg associated markers could be seen (A-G). (A) The graph depicts a representative staining of CD4+FOXP3+ Treg before and after treatment. (B) The graph displays CD4+FOXP3+ Treg, (C) Helios+ T cells, (D) CD4+CD39+ T cells, (E) CD45RA+FOXP3+ Treg, (F) CTLA4+ FOXP3+Treg, and (G) CD39+FOXP3+ Treg.

Pieper et al. BMC Immunology 2013 14:34   doi:10.1186/1471-2172-14-34
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