Figure 6.

Size exclusion chromatography separates recombinant sCTLA-4 from blood-derived CTLA-4 immunoreactive material. A) Following gel filtration, fractions of CTLA-4 positive serum were analyzed with the sCTLA-4 specific antibodies AS32 (coating antibody) and AS33 (reporter antibody) and with antibodies specific for human IgG. B) Anti-CTLA-4 (BNI3 coat/AS33 reporter) ELISA and anti-human IgG ELISA were used to analyze fractions of CTLA-4 negative serum mixed with recombinant sCTLA-4 after separation by gel filtration. Circles represent CTLA-4 ELISA, and squares represent human IgG ELISA.

Tector et al. BMC Immunology 2009 10:51   doi:10.1186/1471-2172-10-51
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