Figure 5.

T98G, U251 and SNB19 glioma cells transiently transfected with two independent siRNAs against human CTGF (C1, C2) or luciferase show decreased protein levels in siRNA treated cells (A). CTGF knock-down results in decreased cell migration. Migration rate is expressed relative to luciferase (Control) treated samples (A). Cell invasion in organotypic rat brain slices; SNB19 and U251 glioma cells stably expressing GFP were transfected with siRNA directed against luciferase (control) or CTGF (C1, C2); z-axis invasion was assessed by confocal microscopy. Results are normalized to control-treated cells and all experiments were performed at least three times (C); Bars, SE; (*, p < 0.05; **, p < 0.001).

Demuth et al. BMC Genomics 2008 9:54   doi:10.1186/1471-2164-9-54
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