Figure 1.

Sequence alignment of S. oneidensis SO2426 with other two-component response regulators. ClustalW [20] was used to perform a multiple sequence alignment consisting of S. oneidensis SO2426 (GenBank ID 24348419), CpxR from E. coli (GenBank ID 16131752) and Vibrio cholerae (GenBank ID 147675245), and OmpR from E. coli (GenBank ID 16131282) and V. cholerae (GenBank ID 147673571). The region underlined with "=" is the aligned regulator receiver domain with predicted domain (SO2426: positions 13–124), and the region denoted with "~" is the aligned C-terminal domain containing the wHTH DNA-binding motif (SO2426: positions 158–235). Boldface letters highlighted in grey indicate conserved signature residues of receiver domains [19]. Residue D62 is predicted as 4-aspartylphosphate, the putative phosphorylation site (highlighted in yellow). The star, colon, and dot notations rank the sequence conservation from high to low.

Chourey et al. BMC Genomics 2008 9:395   doi:10.1186/1471-2164-9-395
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