Figure 2.

oaCGH experimental overview and sDp3 balanced deficiency data. (A-B) Schematic representation of the oaCGH experimental approaches; (A) using sDp3 balanced deficiency strains and (B) modified to use hT2 (qIs48) heterozygous balancer. Colored bars beneath schematic indicate expected DNA ratios. (C-E) oaCGH data obtained in GFF file format for three sDp3 balanced deficiency strains visualized using the SignalMap™ browser software [20]. (C) BC4697 (sDf121 [sDp3]), (D) BC4638 (sDf127 [sDp3]) and (E) BC4690 (sDf128 [sDp3]). Regions covered by sDp3 are represented as blue lines above the data; deletions are represented by red lines below the data. (F) Expansion of oaCGH data across the left breakpoint region of sDf121. Region of deletion ambiguity is represented by broken lines. *Apparent internal duplications of sDp3.

Jones et al. BMC Genomics 2007 8:402   doi:10.1186/1471-2164-8-402
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