Figure 5.

Validation of the selected genes for TEL/AML1 by quantitative RT-PCR using the independent Set-C patients. (A) Expression in log2, of mean relative levels of TCFL5, PIK3C3, CBFA2T3, TNFRSF7, RUNX1, EGFL7, TP53INP1, LSP1 and CD9 in TEL/AML1-positive (n = 7) and TEL/AML1-negative (n = 20) Set-C samples.LSP1 and CD9 are significantly (P < 0.01) under-expressed in TEL/AML1-positive ALL patients and each of the seven other genes is significantly (with either P < 0.01* or P < 0.05**) over-expressed in TEL/AML1-positive ALL patients; these findings agree with microarray data obtained with Set-A and Set-B patients. (B) Hierarchical clustering analysis (Euclidean distance and complete linkage) of Set-C patients using quantitative RT-PCR data for the nine tested genes. The dendrogram clearly distinguishes TEL/AML1-positive patients from TEL/AML1-negative patients.

Gandemer et al. BMC Genomics 2007 8:385   doi:10.1186/1471-2164-8-385
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