Figure 5.

Tree showing relationships of T. castaneum, A. mellifera and D. melanogaster cys-loop LGIC subunit protein sequences. Numbers at each node signify bootstrap values with 100 replicates and the scale bar represents substitutions per site. The subunits shown in the tree are as follows: A. mellifera Amelα1 (DQ026031), Amelα2 (AY540846), Amelα3 (DQ026032), Amelα4 (DQ026033), Amelα5 (AY569781), Amelα6 (DQ026035), Amelα7 (AY500239), Amelα8 (AF514804), Amelα9 (DQ026037), Amelβ1 (DQ026038), Amelβ2 (DQ026039), Amel_GluCl (DQ667185), Amel_GRD (DQ667183), Amel_HisCl1 (DQ667187), Amel_HisCl2 (DQ667188), Amel_LCCH3 (DQ667184), Amel_pHCl (DQ667189), Amel_RDL (DQ667182), Amel_6927 (DQ667195), Amel_8916 (DQ667193), Amel_12344 (DQ667194); D. melanogaster Dα1 (CAA30172), Dα2 (CAA36517), Dα3 (CAA75688), Dα4 (CAB77445), Dα5 (AAM13390), Dα6 (AAM13392), Dα7 (AAK67257), Dβ1 (CAA27641), Dβ2 (CAA39211), Dβ3 (CAC48166), GluCl (AAG40735), GRD (Q24352), HisCl1 (AAL74413), HisCl2 (AAL74414), LCCH3 (AAB27090), Ntr (AF045471), pHCl (NP_001034025), RDL (AAA28556), CG6927 (AAF45992), CG7589 (AAF49337), CG8916 (BT022901), CG11340 (AAF57144), CG12344 (AAF58743); T. castaneum subunits, which are shown in boldface type, Tcasα1 (EF526080), Tcasα2 (EF526081), Tcasα3 (EF526082), Tcasα4 (EF526083), Tcasα5 (EF526085), Tcasα6 (EF526086), Tcasα7 (EF526089), Tcasα8 (EF526090), Tcasα9 (EF526091), Tcasα10 (EF526092), Tcasα11 (EF526093), Tcasβ1 (EF526094), Tcas_CLGC1 (EF545129), Tcas_CLGC2 (EF545130), Tcas_CLGC3 (EF545131), Tcas_GluCl (EF545121), Tcas_GRD (EF545119), Tcas_HisCl1 (EF545124), Tcas_HisCl2 (EF545125), Tcas_LCCH3 (EF545120), Tcas_pHCl (EF545126), Tcas_RDL (EF545117), Tcas_8916 (EF545127), Tcas_12344 (EF545128).

Jones and Sattelle BMC Genomics 2007 8:327   doi:10.1186/1471-2164-8-327
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