Figure 2.

Phylogenetic relationship of insect nAChR subunits. The bootstrap 50% majority-rule consensus trees were made with the maximum parsimony method (PAUP, Version 4.0) using multiple alignments of amino acid sequences. Statistical support (percentage) for each node was evaluated by bootstrap analysis with 1,000 replicates. B. mori nAChRs cloned by us are enclosed by ovals. The nAChR subunits shown in the tree are as follows including GenBank accession numbers: Anopheles gambiae Agα1 [GenBank: AAU12503], Agα2 [GenBank: AAU12504], Agα3 [GenBank: AAU12505], Agα4 [GenBank: AAU12506], Agα5 [GenBank: AAU12508], Agα6 [GenBank: AAU12509], Agα7 [GenBank: AAU12511], Agα8 [GenBank: AAU12512], Agα9 [GenBank: AAU12513], Agβ1 [GenBank: AAU12514]. Drosophila melanogaster Dmα1 [GenBank: CAA30172], Dmα2 [GenBank: CAA36517], Dmα3 [GenBank: CAA75688], Dmα4 [GenBank: CAB77445], Dmα5 [GenBank: AAM13390], Dmα6 [GenBank: AAM13392], Dmα7 [GenBank: ABO26063], Dmβ1 [GenBank: CAA27641], Dmβ2 [GenBank: AAF56304], Dmβ3 [GenBank: CAC48166]. Apis mellifera Amα1 [GenBank: AAY87890], Amα2 [GenBank: AAS48080], Amα3 [GenBank: AAY87891], Amα4 [GenBank: AAY87893], Amα5 [GenBank: AAS75781], Amα6 [GenBank: AAY87895], Amα7 [GenBank: AAR92109], Amα8 [GenBank: AAM51823], Amα9 [GenBank: AAY87896], Amβ1 [GenBank: AAY87897], Amβ2 [GenBank: AAY87898]. Heliothis virescens Hvα1 [GenBank: AJ000399], Hvα2 [GenBank: AF096878], Hvα3 [GenBank: AF096879], Hvα7-1 [GenBank: AF143846], Hvα7-2 [GenBank: AF143847], Hvβ1 [GenBank: AF096880].

Shao et al. BMC Genomics 2007 8:324   doi:10.1186/1471-2164-8-324
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