Figure 5.

In situ hybridization patterns of genes containing the DCX protein domain. Blue stain denotes expression of the gene whose name is indicated in each panel. For details see Text. (A-D) Sagittal sections of whole E14.5 embryos. (E-H) Expression in frontal cortex. Note a few cells expressing in the ventricular zone. (I-K) Striking localized expression of BAC26042 (I), FLJ46154 (J), and Dcdc2A (K) in the E14.5 brain. In (I) "t" becomes "th" for thalamus. (L-Q) Expression patterns in the E14.5 eye. Abbreviations: cerebellum (cb), choroids plexus (cp), cortex (cx), dorsal root ganglia (drg), hypothalamus (h), inner neuroblastic layer (inl), midbrain (mb), muscles (m), olfactory epithelium (oe), outer neuroblastic layer (onl), pons (p), preplate (pp), septum (s), spinal cord (sc), thalamus (th), thymus (ty). tongue (t), ventricular zone (VZ).

Reiner et al. BMC Genomics 2006 7:188   doi:10.1186/1471-2164-7-188
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