Figure 2.

Ectopic OR expression. A, B. Expression profiles of OR genes are shown using intensity quantile scale, for 210 human probesets ORs (A) and 219 mouse probesets ORs (B). Quantile scale was defined using all probesets in a given tissue. The figure includes all GeneAtlas2 OR probesets that are unique and expressed in at least one tissue. Each row represents a probeset and each column represents a tissue. Probesets are sorted by the sum of their expression levels across all tissues. Blue in the colored column at the right of each panel specifies tissue specific genes, yellow midrange and red ubiquitously expressed (housekeeping) genes. The bars under the panel show the summated expression for each tissue. The tissue abbreviations in magenta indicate olfactory tissues (see also below). C, D. The distributions of expression intensities using same probesets as above, for some tissues in human (C) and mouse (D). E, F. Expression levels (in quantiles) for human (E) and mouse (F) non-OR genes including six olfactory related genes, olfactory G-protein (GNAL), cyclic nucleotide gated channel (CNGA2), adenylyl cyclase III (ADCY3), transcription factor early B-cell factor 2 (EBF2), enzyme UDP glycosyltransferase type 2 A1 (UGT2A1) and olfactory marker protein (OMP), as well as two housekeeping genes, actin beta (ACTB), glyceraldehyde-3-phosphate dehydrogenase (GAPDH) and two additional genes with an established function, actin alpha, cardiac muscle (ACTC) and glycerol 3phosphate-dehydrogenase (GPD). No expression data were available for the human olfactory epithelium. Tissue abbreviations: BRN, Brain; SPC, Spinal cord; BMR, Bone marrow; SPL, Spleen; TMS, Thymus; LNG, Lung; PNC, Pancreas; PST, Prostate; HRT, Heart; MSL, Skeletal muscle; KDN, Kidney; LVR, Liver; TST, Testis; OB, Olfactory bulb; OE, Olfactory epithelium; VO, Vomeronasal organ; AVN, Atrioventricular node; TYR, thyroid; UTS, uterus; SKN, skin; SLG, salivary gland.

Feldmesser et al. BMC Genomics 2006 7:121   doi:10.1186/1471-2164-7-121
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