Figure 7.

MS/MS spectra of five different peptides that identify coding SNPs. (A) The amino acid change Ala→ Ser is shown in the peptide SFASDGTDVTVR that matches the protein [ENSANG:P00000029569]. (B) The sequence of the peptide CNAEAEKVHTSSK that matches the D7-related 3 protein precursor ([ENSANG:P00000025580]) shows the amino acid change Asp→His. (C) The peptide VPYDTKYDTVEGDYPLVVK corresponding to the protein putative 5'-nucleotidase precursor ([ENSANG:P00000012716]) presents the amino acid change Ile→Val. (D) The amino acid change Y→S is identified in the peptide LLPAEYGDGVSVPR that corresponds to the protein peroxidase precursor ([ENSANG:P00000000593]). (E) Two changes L→ Q and T→A occur in the same peptide SQNPASPAGSLGGKDVVSK that corresponds to the TRIO protein ([ENSANG:P00000017522]). The amino acid changes representing the cSNPs for the five proteins are shown in rectangle.

Kalume et al. BMC Genomics 2005 6:128   doi:10.1186/1471-2164-6-128
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