Figure 6.

Putative patterns of exchange in the generation of mutant arrangements of combined motifs in the telomeric region. (A) Exchange between the KIR-cB02|tA01 and KIR-cB02|tB01 haplotypes yields the KIR-cB02|tA01-ins4 and the KIR-cB02|tB01-del6 haplotypes, gaining and losing respectively the 3DP1-2DL4-3DS1 gene block. (B) Exchange between parent haplotypes KIR-cA01|tA01 and KIR-cA01|tB01 yields two KIR mutant haplotypes cA01|tA01-ins5 and cA01|tB01-del7, gaining and losing respectively the 2DL1-partial-3DP1-2DL4-3DS1-2DL5-2DS3-2DS1-partial gene block. The names of haplotypes sequenced in this report are in light gray. The sequence of the cA01|tB01-del7 haplotype was described in a previous report [34]. In both A and B, cartoons depicting the haplotype motif structures are color-coded according to the key at the bottom. Crossed lines indicate putative recombination points with detailed supporting breakpoint and alignment analysis presented in Additional file 2: Figure S4.

Pyo et al. BMC Genomics 2013 14:89   doi:10.1186/1471-2164-14-89
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