Table 2

Large sequence polymorphisms present in M. bovis field isolates
Mb CDS Mtb CDS Genomic postn. (wrt to 2122/97) Size of deletion (bp) Gene(s) 2122/97 1121/01 2451/01 1307/01 Product(s)
Mb1699c Rv1627c n/d n/d DEL Probable lipid transfer protein
aMb1963c-Mb1971 Rv1928c-Rv1936 2172231-2179038 6807 tpx, fadE17, fadE18, echA13 DEL Gene products have roles in lipid metabolism
Mb2054c Rv2029c 2259798-2261457 1659 pfkB DEL Possible phosphofructokinase
Mb2055c/Mb2056c Rv2030c DEL Conserved hypothetical protein (frame-shifted in 2212/97)
Mb2320 Rv2298 n/d n/d DEL DEL Aldo/keto reductase
Mb3923c Rv3894c n/d n/d DEL Conserved membrane protein (frame-shifted in 2212/97)

DEL indicates genes that are deleted from strains.

aMostowy et al., 2005; n/d, not determined.

Golby et al.

Golby et al. BMC Genomics 2013 14:710   doi:10.1186/1471-2164-14-710

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