Figure 3.

Dynamics of B. rapa gene expression in tissues. (A) The expression levels, defined as numbers of reads per kilobase per million mapped reads within each 100 Kb window, are shown, along B. rapa ten chromosomes (1–10) in each tissue. a: Callus, b: Root_1, c: Root_2, d: Stem, e: Leaf_1, f: Leaf_2, g: Flower, h: Silique; G: Gene density within each 100 Kb non-overlapping window represented as log2-tranformed total length of genes. (B) The number of highly (FPKM > 50), medium (5 < FPKM ≤50), and lowly (FPKM ≤ 5) expressed genes in each tissue. The black line shows the cumulative expressed gene number as the tissue number increased. (C) The dendrogram of tissue transcriptomes based on clustering of log2-transformed FPKM values of constitutively expressed genes. (D) Nine modules (ID: 1–9) from WGCNA analysis. The mean gene FPKM value within each module is marked by figures in blocks, and also represented as the color (red) depth of the block. The mean FPKM values of all expressed genes in each tissue are shown in the first row of blocks for comparison. The detailed information of genes in each module is provided in Additional file 2: Table S10.

Tong et al. BMC Genomics 2013 14:689   doi:10.1186/1471-2164-14-689
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