Table 1

Location and exact length of introgressed QTL regions
QTLa Left Position Right Position Interval length (Mbp) Introgression
Markerb (bp) Markerb (bp) linesc
3.05 bnlg1505 147,812,359 dupssr23 166,846,373 19.03 RIL 8, RIL 40
4.10 umc1101 241,805,620 umc1109 243,738,469 1.93 RIL 40, RIL 55
10.03 bnlg1451 4,436,646 umc2016 62,064,437 57.66 RIL 63

aQTL names correspond to the chromosome bins where the QTL were mapped. bUpstream and downstream markers used for marker-assisted introgression. cIntrogression lines are the B73 × H99 RIL-F11:13 employed as recurrent parents in the introgression scheme (see Figure 1). Positions refer to exact BLASTN local alignment on the B73 RefGen_v1 maize reference sequence (with the correct distance and orientation) of both forward and reverse marker PCR primers (publicly available at MaizeGDB [31]).

Pea et al.

Pea et al. BMC Genomics 2013 14:61   doi:10.1186/1471-2164-14-61

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