Figure 5.

Gene expression of different macrophages after LPS stimulation. (A) Gene list of known PRRs in the 3 compartments at 0 and 7 h, including 10 TLR and the 4 intracellular receptors NOD1, NOD2, DDX58 (also known as RIG-1) and IFIH1 (also known as MDA5). Genes are highlighted in a scale of colour: blue for low expression (< 150), white for intermediate and red when highly expressed (> 500). Values are the mean (+/- SED) of a minimum of 23 pigs and of all probesets associated with this gene. (B-C) Genes differentially expressed with a p adj. value < 0.01 and fold change > 2 (B) or <-2 (C) in the 3 types of macrophages between 0h and 7h after LPS stimulation. We selected probesets DR within each compartment: AM (red), BMDM (green) and MDM (blue) with p adjusted value < 0.01 and fold change > 2 or < -2 and combined into a VENN graph. AM have 91 gene significantly up-regulated after LPS stimulation, 1,400 for BMDM and 942 for MDM. AM have 63 gene significantly down-regulated, 988 for BMDM and 337 for MDM. In order to illustrate the VENN graph, 5 of the top genes of each group are included. The total list of genes of each group is presented in Additional file 3.

Kapetanovic et al. BMC Genomics 2013 14:581   doi:10.1186/1471-2164-14-581
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