Figure 5.

Secreted proteins with high likelihood as candidate effectors. A. Sequence alignment of PST21_18220, a member of tribe 238, and the corresponding alleles from the other four isolates illustrating sequence polymorphisms specifically between the US isolates, PST-21, PST-43 and PST-130. B. Sequence alignment of the second member of tribe 238, PST21_18221, and its alleles from other isolates illustrating that this protein was highly conserved across isolates. C. The two members of tribe 238, PST21_18220 and PST21_18221, are in close proximity within a single contig in the genome sequence. The corresponding genes were expressed during infection and were also highly expressed and enriched in haustorial samples as determined by mRNA-seq analysis. D. Features displayed by the 117 proteins that were identified as polymorphic between the two UK isolates PST-08/21 and PST-87/7. E. Sequence alignment of PST130_05023 and the synthetic genes that incorporate the SNP information from the other four isolates sequenced, illustrating sequence polymorphisms between isolates. Polymorphic residues are indicated below the sequence by red stars.

Cantu et al. BMC Genomics 2013 14:270   doi:10.1186/1471-2164-14-270
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