Figure 8.

Sense and antisense transcription of An02g04860. (A) Alignments of sense and antisense reads from two examined time points (T0, T1) as generated by RNA-seq and visualized using the Integrative Genomic Viewer [49]. Blue reads represent antisense transcripts and red reads represent sense transcripts. (B) RT-PCR using cDNA as template that was prepared using oligo (dT) primers and amplified using An02g04860 gene-specific primers. The black line in part A represents the amplified region. The size of the non-spliced antisense transcript is 272 bp at T0 and spliced sense transcript is 215 bp at T1. Both PCR products were sequenced to confirm their identities. (C) Strand-specific RT-PCR products amplified from cDNA using the tagged primer approach. In dormant conidia (T0), only non-spliced antisense-specific band of high intensity was detected. In germinating conidia both, spliced and non-spliced versions of antisense-specific bands were detected at lower intensity. Fully-spliced sense transcripts of high intensity were detected in germinating conidia (T1) and both spliced and non-spliced transcripts of low intensity were detected in dormant conidia (T0).

Novodvorska et al. BMC Genomics 2013 14:246   doi:10.1186/1471-2164-14-246
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