Figure 3.

Comparison between proteomic and transcriptional data of T. gondii oocysts. (A) Venn diagram showing the overlap between 1304 oocyst proteins identified in this study and different types of transcriptional data incorporated in ToxoDB 7.1. Microarray data refer to mRNA expression of 7114 T. gondii genes in sporulated oocysts of strain M4 [34]. ESTs from sporulated and unsporulated oocyst (1167) and 1269 sporozoite SAGE tags (≥2 counts, 1 occurrence/genome, sense) [33] of strain VEG were combined with each other to eliminate redundancies prior to comparison with the proteomics and microarray datasets. (B) The histogram shows the distribution of 1304 T. gondii genes proteomically identified in this study among various classes of mRNA microarray expression [34]. Numeric ranges indicate the fold increase of mRNA levels in usporulated (day 0) versus sporulated (day 10) oocysts and vice versa. Were included in the analysis 248 and 393 genes showing a transcriptional fold increase ≥2 at day 0 or day 10, respectively. (C) Classification into MIPS functional categories of the proteins encoded by genes exhibiting a relative transcriptional upregulation ≥2 in day 0 or day 10 oocysts.

Possenti et al. BMC Genomics 2013 14:183   doi:10.1186/1471-2164-14-183
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