Table 3

Most significant canonical pathways determined by Ingenuity Pathway Analysis and represented in the assembled gilthead sea bream transcriptome
Canonical pathway E-value Molecules Canonical pathway E-value Molecules
Regulation of eIF4 and p70S6K Signaling 1.58E-23 130 Erythropoietin Signaling 8.32E-08 56
Purine Metabolism 7.94E-23 219 Ubiquinone Biosynthesis 9.12E-08 58
EIF2 Signaling 3.98E-21 156 AMPK Signaling 9.33E-08 100
Protein Ubiquitination Pathway 7.94E-20 207 Induction of Apoptosis by HIV1 1.05E-07 51
Glucocorticoid Receptor Signaling 2.51E-17 203 IL-2 Signaling 1,17E-07 46
mTOR Signaling 2.51E-16 148 CD40 Signaling 1,20E-07 53
Molecular Mechanisms of Cancer 6.31E-16 250 Role of NFAT in Cardiac Hypertrophy 1,29E-07 131
Mitochondrial Dysfunction 1.00E-15 114 HGF Signaling 1,48E-07 77
Integrin Signaling 6.31E-14 155 FLT3 Signaling in Hematopoietics 1,55E-07 59
Inositol Phosphate Metabolism 2.51E-13 122 Progenitor Cells
Thrombin Signaling 1.58E-12 147 Fcγ Receptor-mediated Phagocytosis in 1,58E-07 73
Signaling by Rho Family GTPases 1.58E-12 174 Macrophages and Monocytes
Estrogen Receptor Signaling 3.16E-12 104 Sphingosine-1-phosphate Signaling 1,66E-07 86
CXCR4 Signaling 5.01E-12 121 FAK Signaling 1,66E-07 69
Oxidative Phosphorylation 6.31E-12 115 Paxillin Signaling 2,09E-07 78
Acute Phase Response Signaling 7.94E-12 130 Small Cell Lung Cancer Signaling 2,40E-07 58
Breast Cancer Regulation by Stathmin1 1.26E-11 147 T Cell Receptor Signaling 3,31E-07 75
Type II Diabetes Mellitus Signaling 3.98E-11 94 B Cell Receptor Signaling 3,31E-07 105
Huntington’s Disease Signaling 5.01E-11 161 Production of Nitric Oxide and Reactive 3,72E-07 126
Pyrimidine Metabolism 7.94E-11 111 Oxygen Species in Macrophages
NGF Signaling 7.94E-11 86 LPS-stimulated MAPK Signaling 3,89E-07 59
PI3K/AKT Signaling 1.10E-10 96 Insulin Receptor Signaling 3,98E-07 96
RAR Activation 1.38E-10 130 Cyclins and Cell Cycle Regulation 3,98E-07 63
Androgen Signaling 1.62E-10 91 PI3K Signaling in B Lymphocytes 4,57E-07 99
Tight Junction Signaling 1.86E-10 120 IGF-1 Signaling 4,68E-07 76
Chronic Myeloid Leukemia Signaling 4.68E-10 78 p53 Signaling 5,25E-07 72
NRF2-mediated Oxidative Stress Response 8.51E-10 134 VEGF Signaling 5,62E-07 68
PPARα/RXRα Activation 1.12E-09 128 Prostate Cancer Signaling 6,03E-07 64
Actin Cytoskeleton Signaling 1.78E-09 154 Nicotinate and Nicotinamide Metabolism 6,46E-07 77
Ceramide Signaling 2.00E-09 66 Relaxin Signaling 6,46E-07 98
Role of Tissue Factor in Cancer 2.29E-09 87 Glioma Signaling 7,24E-07 73
Hereditary Breast Cancer Signaling 3.31E-09 92 Pentose Phosphate Pathway 7,94E-07 29
ERK/MAPK Signaling 3.72E-09 135 Pancreatic Adenocarcinoma Signaling 8,13E-07 80
NF-κB Activation by Viruses 4.57E-09 62 Mitotic Roles of Polo-Like Kinase 8,51E-07 51
Apoptosis Signaling 4.68E-09 73 Acute Myeloid Leukemia Signaling 9,33E-07 61
Gα12/13 Signaling 4.90E-09 93 PDGF Signaling 9,33E-07 57
Cardiac Hypertrophy Signaling 5.13E-09 159 CNTF Signaling 1,05E-06 44
Rac Signaling 5.37E-09 83 Endometrial Cancer Signaling 1,05E-06 44
Germ Cell-Sertoli Cell Junction Signaling 6.17E-09 118 Thrombopoietin Signaling 1,17E-06 46
ILK Signaling 6.76E-09 135 Melanocyte Development and Pigmentation 1,29E-06 66
Renin-Angiotensin Signaling 7.94E-09 86 Signaling
Protein Kinase A Signaling 8.51E-09 212 Prolactin Signaling 1,45E-06 58
Aldosterone Signaling in Epithelial Cells 8.91E-09 117 Colorectal Cancer Metastasis Signaling 1,58E-06 161
RhoGDI Signaling 9.12E-09 129 RANK Signaling in Osteoclasts 1,82E-06 67
p70S6K Signaling 1.00E-08 95 IL-17A Signaling in Airway Cells 2,19E-06 51
IL-8 Signaling 1.02E-08 127 Aminoacyl-tRNA Biosynthesis 2,40E-06 30
IL-15 Signaling 1.15E-08 53 G Beta Gamma Signaling 2,51E-06 68
fMLP Signaling in Neutrophils 1.23E-08 85 Telomerase Signaling 2,69E-06 75
Phospholipase C Signaling 1.78E-08 163 IL-6 Signaling 3,16E-06 71
PAK Signaling 1.91E-08 72 Role of BRCA1 in DNA Damage Response 3,24E-06 46
P2Y Purigenic Receptor Signaling Pathway 2.24E-08 93 Death Receptor Signaling 3,39E-06 48
HMGB1 Signaling 3.02E-08 75 IL-3 Signaling 3,39E-06 56
Leukocyte Extravasation Signaling 3.16E-08 137 Starch and Sucrose Metabolism 3,47E-06 54
RhoA Signaling 3.89E-08 86 GM-CSF Signaling 3,47E-06 50
PTEN Signaling 4.07E-08 84 Angiopoietin Signaling 3,47E-06 52
Virus Entry via Endocytic Pathways 4.57E-08 72 Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer Signaling 3,47E-06 52
Growth Hormone Signaling 5.13E-08 57 Role of NFAT in Regulation of the Immune 3,72E-06 120
JAK/Stat Signaling 6.31E-08 52 Response
Lymphotoxin β Receptor Signaling 7.08E-08 47 Neuregulin Signaling 3,72E-06 67

Calduch-Giner et al.

Calduch-Giner et al. BMC Genomics 2013 14:178   doi:10.1186/1471-2164-14-178

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