Figure 5.

RXE values for genes associated with specific Gene Ontology (GO) terms in five human tissues. Number of genes in each category on the X-chromosome and the average number of genes per autosome are shown in the parentheses, respectively (NX, NAVG. perAA). Sample sizes for the each group is as follows: Negative Regulation of Biological Processes: Brain – NX=66, Navg. per AA=99; Liver – NX=63, Navg. per AA=95; Lymphoblast Xm – NX=48, Navg. per AA=73; Lymphoblast Xp – NX=47, Navg. per AA=72; Lymphoblast XX – NX=64, Navg. per AA=98; Positive Regulation of Biological Processes: Brain – NX=86, Navg. per AA=108; Liver – NX=82, Navg. per AA=105; Lymphoblast Xm – NX=67, Navg. per AA=80; Lymphoblast Xp – NX=68, Navg. per AA=79; Lymphoblast XX – NX=88, Navg. per AA=108; Regulation of Response to Stimulus: Brain – NX=55, Navg. per AA=72; Liver – NX=52, Navg. per AA=69; Lymphoblast Xm – NX=36, Navg. per AA=51; Lymphoblast Xp – NX=38, Navg. per AA=50; Lymphoblast XX – NX=50, Navg. per AA=71; Cytoskeleton Organization: Brain – NX=21, Navg. per AA=25; Liver – NX=21, Navg. per AA=24; Lymphoblast Xm – NX=15, Navg. per AA=19; Lymphoblast Xp – NX=14, Navg. per AA=19; Lymphoblast XX – NX=22, Navg. per AA=24; Cellular Component Organization: Brain – NX=98, Navg. per AA=111; Liver – NX=95, Navg. per AA=105; Lymphoblast Xm – NX=75, Navg. per AA=76; Lymphoblast Xp – NX=70, Navg. per AA=84; Lymphoblast XX – NX=101, Navg. per AA=108.

Jue et al. BMC Genomics 2013 14:150   doi:10.1186/1471-2164-14-150
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