Figure 3.

Heterogeneity within INR+FPR motif. (A) Contour chart showing strength of matches of INR and FPR regions from 5352 P. infestans promoters. Sequences within 1 kb of the translation start sites of total P. infestans promoters that matched the PSPM for INR+FPR were identified using a p-value threshold of 10-4 in FIMO. The putative INR and FPR components were then extracted and scored against their respective PSPMs. In the chart, X and Y-axes show the match of the putative INR+FPR region against PSPMs for FPR and INR, respectively, with the Z-axis indicating the number of promoters having each value based on the indicated color code. The lines in the chart connect interpolated points of equal value, similar to that of a two-dimensional topographic map. (B) Composition of all 5352 INR+FPR matches from panel A, showing a logo for the motif and base composition of INR and FPR, plus flanking and intervening regions. (C) Composition of 241 INR+FPR matches from panel A in which the correspondence to INR was strong (p<10-4) but FPR was weak (p>10-2).

Roy et al. BMC Genomics 2013 14:106   doi:10.1186/1471-2164-14-106
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