Table 2

Identification of potential candidate CNV genes for complex traits in the White Duroc × Erhualian F2population
CNVR ID CNVR region Trait of overlapped QTL* CNV gene Phenotype in knockout mice Reference
CNVR41 chr1: 267,977,629-268,124,492 carcass length ANP32B decreased body size [39,46]
CNVR62 chr2: 8,244,738-8,884,302 Backfat thickness BSCL2 decreased subcutaneous adipose tissue [40,47]
abdominal fat weight BSCL2 decreased retroperitoneal fat pad weight [40,47]
CNVR61 chr2: 5,766,853-6,201,646 length of scapular LTBP3 decreased length of long bones [44,48]
CNVR169 chr5: 65,533,763-65,810,346 intermuscle fat content of LD GDF3 decreased white adipose tissue amount [39,49]
body weight at 240 days GDF3 abnormal developmental patterning [40,50]
CNVR199 chr6: 49,802,217-50,638,891 Glycolytic potential of LD GYS1 decreased skeletal muscle glycogen level [39,51]
CNVR268 chr8: 43,425,758-43,955,459 mean corpuscular volume KIT increased mean corpuscular volume [43,52]
mean corpuscular hemoglobin KIT decreased hemoglobin content [43,53]
diluted coat color [54]
CNVR560 chr18: 27,001,689-32,149,496 Humerus diameter CAV1 increased bone size and stiffnes [44,55]

* QTL identified in the White Duroc × Erhualian resource population.

Chen et al.

Chen et al. BMC Genomics 2012 13:733   doi:10.1186/1471-2164-13-733

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