Figure 1.

DA and DA.F344(Cia5a) rats differ in arthritis severity and have different synovial gene expression profiles. (A) Map of the Cia5a locus on rat chromosome 10, and the congenic interval boundaries (black=homozygous for F344 alleles; white=homozygous for DA alleles; grey=recombination interval). (B) DA rats had severe disease at 21 days post-induction of PIA; DA.F344(Cia5a) congenics were protected and developed a significantly milder form of arthritis (p=0.002, Mann–Whitney test; boxes show the median and 25%-75% percentiles). (C) 7,925 genes were expressed in all synovial tissues. 2,648 (33.4%) met the 1.5-fold difference and p-value of ≤0.01 (t-test) for significant difference. 134 genes differed by ≥5-fold and less <10-fold, and 46 genes differed by ≥10-fold (inset).

Brenner and Gulko BMC Genomics 2012 13:710   doi:10.1186/1471-2164-13-710
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