Table 5

The list of common transcriptional response from all compared conditions
DSM code DSM annotation Fold-change B36/N402 P FDR
Protein folding
An01g13220 similar to the chaperone Lhs1 2.26 1.34E-09 1.58E-07
An02g14800 Protein disulfide isomerase PdiA 1.72 5.98E-08 3.43E-06
An01g04600 Protein disulfide isomerase PrpA 2.08 2.21E-09 2.40E-07
An01g08420 calnexin ClxA 2.42 8.96E-10 1.13E-07
An11g04180 chaperone BipA 2.32 8.63E-10 1.11E-07
An16g07620 similar to ER oxidising protein Ero1 1.97 1.02E-08 8.15E-07
An18g02020 Protein disulfide isomerase TigA 1.89 1.61E-08 1.17E-06
An11g11250 similar to the chaperone P58IPK Homo sapiens 1.80 2.58E-07 1.03E-05
Translocation/Signal peptidase complex
An01g13070 similar to ER protein-translocation complex subunit SEC63 2.02 2.17E-08 1.47E-06
An16g08830 similar to component of subcomplex SEC71 1.80 3.47E-08 2.17E-06
An01g11630 similar to translocation complex component SSS1 1.71 1.88E-07 8.11E-06
An09g05420 similar to signal peptidase subunit SPC3 1.99 6.90E-09 6.03E-07
An01g00560 similar to signal peptidase subunit SEC11 1.84 5.70E-07 1.84E-05
An15g06470 similar to signal sequence receptor α-subunit 1.86 4.49E-08 2.72E-06
An14g05910 similar to mannosyltransferase ALG2 1.93 2.28E-08 1.53E-06
An03g04410 similar to glucosyltransferase ALG5 1.78 3.47E-07 1.26E-05
An02g03240 similar to N-acetylglucosaminephosphotransferase ALG7 1.92 1.76E-08 1.24E-06
An07g04190 similar to glycosyltransferase WBP1 1.69 1.03E-07 5.04E-06
An02g14560 oligosaccharyltransferase alpha subunit OSTA 2.05 2.27E-09 2.40E-07
An18g03920 similar to oligosaccharyltransferase subunit OST2 2.04 2.49E-09 2.56E-07
An18g04260 similar to UDP-galactose transporter HUT1 2.46 1.06E-09 1.28E-07
An13g00620 similar to beta subunit of an ER alpha-glucosidase 1.53 1.24E-06 3.47E-05
An15g01420 similar to glucosidase I CWH41 1.81 2.90E-08 1.84E-06
An02g14940 similar to flippase RFT1 1.49 2.62E-06 6.38E-05
Vesicle trafficking/transport
An03g04940 similar to COPII vesicle coat component protein ERV41 2.12 1.20E-08 9.44E-07
An01g04320 similar to COPII vesicle coat component protein ERV46 2.12 7.61E-09 6.57E-07
An02g04250 similar to ER protein P58 (lectin family) Rattus norvegicus 1.77 2.01E-08 1.39E-06
An08g06780 similar to ER to Golgi transport protein USO1 1.52 2.93E-06 7.00E-05
Lipid metabolism
An02g13410 similar to acetyl-coenzyme A transporter AT-1 2.10 4.55E-09 4.23E-07
Stress related
An12g03580 similar to glutathione S-transferase 3 MGST3 H. sapiens 1.51 1.21E-05 2.23E-04
An01g14100 weakly similar to stress protein HERP Mus musculus 1.61 1.12E-06 3.21E-05
Cell cycle and DNA processing
An01g08170 similar to DNA repair endonuclease RAD1 S. pombe 2.05 1.62E-08 1.17E-06
Phosphate metabolism
An12g01910 similar to phytase PHYA3 Aspergillus fumigatus 0.56 2.09E-07 8.76E-06
Cell rescue. Defense and virulence
An18g00980 similar to membrane protein PTH11 M. grisea 0.41 1.32E-08 1.01E-06
An08g03960 hypothetical endoplasmic reticulum associated protein 1.55 7.36E-06 1.47E-04
An08g03970 hypothetical protein 1.87 2.87E-08 1.83E-06
An07g10280 hypothetical protein 1.43 6.40E-06 1.31E-04
An09g06130 hypothetical protein 1.64 4.24E-07 1.46E-05
An18g01000 hypothetical protein 0.56 1.05E-06 3.03E-05
An13g01520 hypothetical protein 0.49 3.57E-06 8.23E-05

DSM code: ORF identifier in A. niger CBS 513.88 genome sequence [3]. The list of common transcriptional response from B36/N402 (this study), maltose/xylose [23], hacACA/hacAWT[36] and ER stress with at least 2 types of protein folding stress [18].

Kwon et al.

Kwon et al. BMC Genomics 2012 13:701   doi:10.1186/1471-2164-13-701

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