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Table S5. Microarray Results for pho7+-Dependent Genes Regulated by Phosphate, Iron, Copper, Osmotic, and/or Carbon Switching Stress. pho7+ genes passing the thresholds (described in materials and methods) for each stress condition assayed were tabulated with the corresponding fold-change (Log2) and p-values (based on at least two independent biological replicates). Genes regulated in multiple stress conditions by pho7+ are indicated in bold. All comparisons between stressed and non-stressed conditions (e.g., [-Pi/+Pi]) were done in a pho7+ background. Genes passing the thresholds for each array condition have fold-change (Log2) values indicated in bold. +Pi: 10 mM H2KPO4, -Pi: 0 mM H2KPO4, +Fe: 100 uM Fe(III)Cl3, -Fe: 250 uM DIP, +Cu: 100 uM Cu(II)SO4, -Cu: 100 uM BCS, 1.2M: 1.2M NaCl, 0.1M: 0.1M NaCl, G: 2% glucose, GE: 2% glycerol, 1% ethanol.

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Carter-O’Connell et al. BMC Genomics 2012 13:697   doi:10.1186/1471-2164-13-697