Table 2

List of homologues of novel DDR genes in S. cerevisiae
Systematic ID in S. pombe Gene name in S. pombe Systematic ID in S. cerevisiae Gene name in S. cerevisiae DNA damaging agents* Reference
SPAC3F10.02c trk1+ YJL129C TRK1 -
SPAC1486.04c alm1+ YKR095W MLP1 BLM, MMS, UV [40-42]
SPAC17G6.06 rps2401+ YER074W RPS24A HU [43]
SPBC2A9.02 YLL056C -
SPAC22E12.11c set3+ YPL181W CTI6 -
SPAC3G6.01 hrp3+ YER164W CHD1 HU [43]
SPCC830.06 YKL190W CNB1 -
SPAC3F10.17 YKL143W LTV1 -
SPBC31E1.02c pmr1+ YGL167C PMR1 HU, TBZ [43,44]
SPBC577.13 syj2+ YOR109W INP53 BLM [43]
SPBC20F10.10 psl1+ YIL050W PCL7 -

* Listed are the DNA damage reagents that deletion of S. cerevisiae genes are sensitive to.

Pan et al.

Pan et al. BMC Genomics 2012 13:662   doi:10.1186/1471-2164-13-662

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