Table 2

SSH clones and targeted ORFs present in highly pathogenic strains (XaFL07-1, GPE PC73 and HVO082)
XaFL07-1 SSH clone GPE PC73 ORF Protein size Protein description/predicted Pfam domain or predicted function Paralog (% identity in Aa) Best Blast Hit with other xanthomonads (NCBI)
VI-G9 XALc_1622 540 Aa Hypothetical protein/Integral membrane sensory domain found in signaling proteins XALc_2416 (83%) No hit found
I-C4 XALc_2283 351 Aa Hypothetical protein/Cytochrome P450 superfamily (oxidoreductase) XVA NCPPB702: XcampvN_010100019130 with S:1228, E: 1e-167, I: 244/347 (70%)
I-C4 XALc_2284 35 Aa Hypothetical protein/Pseudogene No hit found
I-D2 XALc_2627 87 Aa Hypothetical protein/Phage XALc_2395 (99%) No hit found
I-D2 XALc_2628 168 Aa Hypothetical protein/Phage XALc_2396 (98%) No hit found
I-F8 XALc_1545 69 Aa Hypothetical protein/Phage No hit found
I-F8 XALc_1546 72 Aa Hypothetical protein/Phage No hit found
I-G2 XALc_2561 223 Aa Hypothetical protein/Unknown (located near ABC transporter genes) XOO MAFF 311018: XOO_1679 with S:1092, E: 4e-151, I: 209/223 (94%)
III-E3 XALc_0703 311 Aa ABC transporter No hit found
V-H6 XALc_0704 400 Aa Hypothetical protein/ABC transporter No hit found
III-H5 XALc_1631 254 Aa Hypothetical protein/Phage No hit found
IV-B5 XALc_1361 847 Aa Methyl-accepting chemotaxis protein XCR 756C: XCR_213 with S:2630, E: 0, I: 533/798 (67%)
IV-B12 XALc_1803 211 Aa Hypothetical protein/Phage XCV 85-10: XCV2218 with S:383, E:9e-44, I:96/199 (48%)
VI-A11 XALc_2887 224 Aa CRISPR-associated protein Cas5d XOO MAFF 311018: XOO_0797 with S:1041, E: 2e-143, I: 195/222 (88%)
VI-H8 XALc_2384 462 Aa Recombinase/Resolvase (Phage) XALc_2617 (97%) No hit found
II-H2 XALc_1232 415 Aa ABC transporter XOC BLS256: Xoryp_010100020185 with S:1998, E:0, I:388/415 (93%)
III-F5 XALc_1231 439 Aa ABC transporter XOC BLS256: Xoryp_010100020190 with S:2041:, E:0, I:397/439 (90%)
V-F1 XALc_1228 413 Aa Hypothetical protein/Unknown No hit found
V-F1 XALc_1229 272 Aa Hypothetical protein/Unknown XOC BLS256: Xoryp_20200 with S:1261, E:8e-175, I:240/273 (88%)
V-H8 XALc_1226 198 Aa Hypothetical protein/Unknown No hit found
VI-H11 Intergenic Sequence 2,117 bp located between a tRNA (XALc_0254) and an entericidin gene (XALc_0255)

XCV: X. campestris pv. vesicatoria; XOO: X. oryzae pv. oryzae; XCR: X. campestris pv. raphani; XOC: X. oryzae pv. oryzicola; XVA: X. campestris pv. vasculorum

bp: nucleotide base pair; Aa: amino acid; S: score; E: E value; I: % of identity between query sequence and subject sequence.

Pieretti et al.

Pieretti et al. BMC Genomics 2012 13:658   doi:10.1186/1471-2164-13-658

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