Figure 5.

Singularity of IgG immune profiles among the Anopheles species. Fifteen micrograms of salivary gland extracts from An. gambiae (1), An. arabiensis (2), An. stephensi (3) and An. albimanus (4) labelled with Cyanine 5, were loaded and separated by 12% SDS-PAGE. (A) IgG immune profiles from pooled sera from 5 Senegalese individuals exposed to An. gambiae s.l. and An. funestus were tested by immunoblotting experiments. (B) Normalised densitometric IgG profiles were represented for the four Anopheles species. Species are indicated by the same colour at the top of each immunoblot profile. Molecular weights of the antigenic bands are indicated and corresponding gel bands are presented into brackets. (C) Protein profiles of whole protein present in SGEs from each mosquito species were scanned at the Cy5 wavelength before blotting. The numbers correspond to antigenic protein bands excised for mass spectrometry identification (Additional file 5). MW, molecular weight; kDa, kiloDalton; Rf, relative front of migration; A.U., Arbitrary Unit.

Fontaine et al. BMC Genomics 2012 13:614   doi:10.1186/1471-2164-13-614
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