Table 4

Gene clusters in Clades A, C and D that augment the SigB core regulon
Cluster Cluster ID TU Locus tag Annotation
Clades C and D
   3a bID_Cluster_13222 1 BT9727_2119 spore germination protein PF
bID_Cluster_527 2 BT9727_2420 FtsI ortholog
bID_Cluster_845 2 BT9727_2419 sensor histidine kinase
bID_Cluster_2071 3 BT9727_3346 C4-dicarboxylate transporter DctA
bID_Cluster_2862 4 BT9727_3495 Hypothetical protein
   4a bID_Cluster_8996 1 GBAA_0583 acetyltransferase
bID_Cluster_1542 1 GBAA_0584 sensor histidine kinase
bID_Cluster_6986 1 GBAA_0585 DNA-binding response regulator
bID_Cluster_4984 2 GBAA_1077 Hypothetical protein
bID_Cluster_1988 3 GBAA_5500 phosphoglycerate transporter family protein
bID_Cluster_3664 3 GBAA_5501 putative lipoprotein
bID_Cluster_5866 3 GBAA_5502 Hypothetical protein
bID_Cluster_1603 3 GBAA_5503 sensor histidine kinase
bID_Cluster_6528 3 GBAA_5504 DNA-binding response regulator
bID_Cluster_3959 3 GBAA_5505 UDP-glucose 4-epimerase
bID_Cluster_4585 3 GBAA_5506 membrane-bound transcriptional regulator LytR
bID_Cluster_1186 4 GBAA_5678 ABC transporter ATP-binding protein
   4b bID_Cluster_10476 1 GBAA_1939 Hypothetical protein
bID_Cluster_5559 2 GBAA_2162 Hypothetical protein
bID_Cluster_11158 3 GBAA_2384 Hypothetical protein
bID_Cluster_13854 4 GBAA_2523 HTH DNA-binding protein
bID_Cluster_618 5 GBAA_3291 Methyl-accepting chemotaxis protein
bID_Cluster_3242 6 GBAA_3338 S-layer protein
bID_Cluster_2077 7 GBAA_5674 Hypothetical protein
 Clade A
   5 bID_Cluster_6809 1 BMB171_C1598 two-component response regulator, LuxR family
bID_Cluster_3224 1 BMB171_C1599 sensory transduction protein kinase
bID_Cluster_4364 1 BMB171_C1600 ABC transporter ATP-binding protein
bID_Cluster_3195 1 BMB171_C1601 ABC transporter permease
bID_Cluster_2768 1 BMB171_C1602 ABC transporter permease
bID_Cluster_2336 1 BMB171_C1603 cardiolipin synthetase
bID_Cluster_5196 2 BMB171_C2914 Hypothetical protein
bID_Cluster_3683 3 BMB171_C3448 RecA recombinase
bID_Cluster_2435 3 BMB171_C3449 Competence damage-inducible protein A
bID_Cluster_8205 3 BMB171_C3450 Phosphatidylglycerophosphate synthase
bID_Cluster_4493 3 BMB171_C3451 Hypothetical protein
bID_Cluster_5830 3 BMB171_C3452 Hypothetical protein, ACT-binding domain
bID_Cluster_12831 3 BMB171_C3453 Hypothetical protein
bID_Cluster_6635 3 BMB171_C3454 3-ketoacyl-(acyl-carrier-protein) reductase
bID_Cluster_2214 3 BMB171_C3455 Predicted Zn-dependent peptidases
bID_Cluster_2266 3 BMB171_C3456 Predicted Zn-dependent peptidases
bID_Cluster_3669 3 BMB171_C3457 ABC-type transporter, permease component
bID_Cluster_3507 3 BMB171_C3458 ABC-type transporter, permease component
bID_Cluster_1276 3 BMB171_C3459 ABC-type transporter, ATPase component
bID_Cluster_9779 4 BMB171_C3659 Hypothetical protein

Scott and Dyer

Scott and Dyer BMC Genomics 2012 13:564   doi:10.1186/1471-2164-13-564

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