Table 8

Description of the top seven molecular and cellular biological functions significantly modulated in the liver tissue when comparing H relative to L animals
Category Genes p-value
Lipid Metabolism ABCG8,ALOX15,AQP7,APOB,CYP2C9,THBS1, APOA2,ME3,NR4A3,LPIN1,CYP7A1,MTMR7, CYP2C19,CYP4A11 1.15x10 -7
Small Molecule Biochemistry ABCG8,ALOX15,AQP7,APOB,CYP2C9,THBS1, APOA2,ME3,GSTO1,FOS,NR4A3,LPIN1,SPTB, CYP7A1,MTMR7,CYP2C19,SDS,SLC11A1, CYP4A11 1.15x10 -7
Molecular Transport ABCG8,AQP7,ALOX15,APOB,THBS1,APOA2, GSTO1,FOS,NR4A3,LPIN1,CYP7A1,SLC11A1, FNDC1 2.62x10 -6
Drug Metabolism FOS,CYP2C9,THBS1,CYP2C19 7.20x10 -6
Energy Production NR4A3,LPIN1,CYP2C9,APOA2,ME3, CYP2C19,SDS,CYP4A11 7.20x10 -6
Nucleic Acid Metabolism CYP2C9,THBS1,CYP2C19 5.85x10 -6
Vitamin and Mineral Metabolism ABCG8,APOB,CYP2C9,APOA2,CYP7A1, CYP2C19,GSTO1 8.65x10 -6

Statistical significance of pathway modulation was calculated via a right-tailed Fisher’s Exact test in Ingenuity Pathway and represented as –log (P value): -log values exceeding 1.30 were significant false discovery rate (FDR) < 0.05.

Ramayo-Caldas et al.

Ramayo-Caldas et al. BMC Genomics 2012 13:547   doi:10.1186/1471-2164-13-547

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