Figure 2.

Semi quantitative real-time PCR based genotyping. The graph represents the genotyping of F2 surGasp1-20 or surGasp1-06 mice. The abscissa shows the relative quantification of Gasp1, the ordinate corresponds to the CMV relative quantification. Animals can be divided in 3 groups according to their CMV and Gasp1 DNA copy number: wildtype animals [triangle, (n = 3)] are characterized by no amplification of the CMV sequence, heterozygous mice [rhombus, (n = 8)] have the same CMV or Gasp1 copy number as the F1 animals used as calibrator, and homozygous mice [square, (n = 8)] have twice as many CMV and Gasp1 copies as F1 animals.

Monestier et al. BMC Genomics 2012 13:541   doi:10.1186/1471-2164-13-541
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