Table 4

Most significant affected IPA canonical pathways
Canonical pathway (IPA) Genes P-value Ratio
MIF-mediated Glucocorticoid Regulation TLR4, NFKBIA, CD14, PTGS2, NFKBIB, NFKB1 4.67E-06 6/41
MIF Regulation of Innate Immunity TLR4, NFKBIA, CD14, PTGS2, NFKBIB, NFKB1 1.8E-05 6/49
NF-κB Signalling TLR4, IL1A, TGFBR1, RIPK1, NFKBIA, MYD88, BMP2, RELB, TNFAIP3, NFKBIB, NFKB1 2.46E-05 11/176
IL-10 Signalling IL18RAP, IL1A, NFKBIA, CD14, ARG2, NFKBIB, NFKB1 4.47E-05 7/78
Hypoxia Signalling in the Cardiovascular System HSP90B1, UBE2H (includes EG:7328), NFKBIA, UBE2B, HIF1A, NFKBIB, UBE2L6 5.4E-05 7/71
Production of Nitric Oxide and Reactive Oxygen Species in Macrophages TLR4, PPP1R3D, NFKBIA, ARG2, NCF4, NFKB1, RHOH, IRF1, SIRPA 1.98E-06 9/189
LXR/RXR Activation TLR4, IL18RAP, FASN, CD14, ARG2, NFKB1 1.85E-05 6/93
Toll-like Receptor Signalling TLR4, NFKBIA, MYD88, CD14, NFKB1 2.72E-05 5/55
Acute Phase Response Signalling SOD2, C3, NFKBIA, MYD88, OSM, SERPINA1, NFKB1, SAA1 3.59E-05 8/183
MIF-mediated Glucocorticoid Regulation TLR4, NFKBIA, CD14, NFKB1 8.09E-05 4/41

Five most significant canonical pathways identified with IPA using the significantly affected genes for T4 and T5. The identified canonical pathways are listed from the lowest to the highest p-value, and are reported with the involved genes and the corresponding ratio (# of genes involved/ # of known genes in the pathway).

Cremonesi et al.

Cremonesi et al. BMC Genomics 2012 13:540   doi:10.1186/1471-2164-13-540

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