Figure 5.

Genotyping switchgrass progeny with duplex PCR. For each parent, DNA sample was duplicated in PCR and shown by arrows. The letters (“a” to “g”) indicate different alleles of each locus. “M” indicates the DNA ladder. A) Genotyping a maternal plant (K4) grown in a field plot and its 46 progeny (K4-01 to 46) with a duplex set 9 (NFSG-200 and NFSG-219). B) Genotyping seven parents (arrows) and their progeny harvested by bagging in the field with duplex set 12 (PVCAG-2207/8 and PVCAG-2289/90). The asterisks indicate selfed progeny and lozenges indicate seed contaminations. C) Genotyping the seed parent ‘SL937x15’ (P1), pollen parent ‘NL94 LYE 16x13’ (P2) and 44 progeny (SN-01 to 44) amplified with a duplex set 12. The asterisks indicate selfed progeny.

Liu and Wu BMC Genomics 2012 13:522   doi:10.1186/1471-2164-13-522
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