Table 3

Sequence homology comparisons between representatives of the identified pepper CaRGAs subgroups and its closest homolog in the GenBank
Pepper RGAs* GenBank accessions Plant species Similar to Length of BLASTX alignment Identity (%) Similarity (%) E-value
CaRGA I (CaRGA23) EF613519 Solanum demissum R3a-like disease resistance protein gene 171 82 93 1e-64
CaRGA II(CaRGA33) EF613542 Solanum demissum R3a-like disease resistance protein gene 171 77 87 5e-72
CaRGA III (CaRGA13) DQ863287 Solanum sp. VFNT Mi-1.4 disease resistance protein gene 166 83 91 4e-64
CaRGA IV (CaRGA14) GU199034 Solanum aculeatissimum NBS-encoding resistance protein gene (RGA8) 171 88 94 4e-85
CaRGA V (CaRGA44) Y16680 Solanum circaeifolium NBS-encoding resistance protein gene (clone crc Rgen8) 161 68 79 2e-39
CaRGA VI (CaRGA05) AF404422 Solanum Lycopersicon Nucleotide binding region of resistance-like gene (Q8) 165 84 90 3e-76
CaRGA VII (CaRGA01) AY438027 Solanum Lycopersicon Bacterial spot disease resistance protein gene (Bs4) 168 78 90 2e-65

*RGA I to RGA VII represent seven classes of the pepper CaRGAs, respectively.

Wan et al.

Wan et al. BMC Genomics 2012 13:502   doi:10.1186/1471-2164-13-502

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