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Table S1. List of all disease-variant associations contained in the SVN. Contained is the high-quality data set which was used for the construction of the SVN, ordered by the rs-number of the tagging SNP. The first column contains this rs-number of the tagging SNP, the second column lists the disease associations and the third column gives the PubMed ID of the GWAS publication the association was reported in. In the fourth column the (gene or intergenic) locus of the tagging SNP can be found. The sixth column gives the SNP and the risk allele reported in the GWAS. If the rs-numbers of the tagging SNP (column 1) diverges from the rs-number listed here, the association was assigned via LD. For these cases, in column seven the corresponding allele of the tagging SNP is given, followed by the P-value and the odds ratio reported with the SNP (i.e. the reported SNP in column six). Blue row-coloring identifies non-HLA located antagonistic SNPs, while rows containing agonistic SNPs are not colored. Rows in green list antagonistic SNPs in the HLA region (not considered in the manuscript). Tagging SNPs which we included in our rationale are marked in bold red font.

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Arnold et al. BMC Genomics 2012 13:490   doi:10.1186/1471-2164-13-490