Figure 2.

Comparative analysis of sall mutant transcriptome. (A) Heatmap representation of a filtered set of 2534 genes that show differential expression at p <0.001 in at least one of the following comparatives. At stages 16 or 17: WT vs homozygous (Ho), WT vs heterozygous (He) and He vs Ho. At the transition from 16 to 17: WT16 vs WT17, He16 vs He17, and Ho16 vs Ho17. Columns represent samples and rows genes. Colors represent log2 expression ratio values with pink being above and green below the row/column median level of expression (normalized gene counts) as shown by the scale (pink: genes upregulated; green: genes downregulated). (B-C) Venn diagrams of differential expression overlap between WT, He and Ho sall mutant embryos at stage 16 (B) and 17 (C). Numbers represent upregulated and downregulated genes (top and bottom, respectively) in the second genotype with respect to the first (e.g. WT vs Ho represent the number of misregulated genes in homozygous compared to WT).

Ferreiro et al. BMC Genomics 2012 13:483   doi:10.1186/1471-2164-13-483
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