Figure 3.

Examples of human models constructed from the 4 ANT genes sequences. Part of the promoter sequences and the beginning of the first exon (in bold and underlined) are shown for each isoform. Matrix core sequences, nucleotide strings and TSS are highlighted in black and matrix flanking sequences in grey. ANT1 model: GGCTCTAAA (OXBOX) / GATAA (V$GATA1.04) / CAAT / TATAA (O$VTATA.01) / G (TSS) /ATG; ANT2 model: CATTGTT (GRBOX) / TCCCC (V$MZF1.01) / GGGC (EGR1.02) / TATAA (O$VTATA.01) / G (TSS) / ATG; ANT3 model: GAGGG (V$CTCF) / CACGGG (V$CHRE) / ACCTA (V$RORA) / C (TSS); ANT4 model: GTCTGG (V$SMAD3.01) / GGGGA (V$MZF1.02) / CCCCTC (V$MAZ.01) / CACGTG (V$HIFF) / G (TSS)/ ATG.

Dupont et al. BMC Genomics 2012 13:482   doi:10.1186/1471-2164-13-482
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