Table 1

Cichlidae species submitted to cytogenetic mapping using BAC clones of O. niloticus as probes in FISH experiments
Subfamily Groups or tribes Species 2n Sex Karyotype Origin
Etroplinae Etroplus maculatus 46 1M/1F/1ns 18m/sm+18t/a+10 micro Petshop, Botucatu, Brazil
Pseudocrenilabrinae Tilapiine Oreochromis niloticus 44 2M/3F/1ns 2m/sm+42t/a TAF-UMD
Oreochromis mossambicus 44 1M/1F 4m/sm+40t/a TAF-UMD
Oreochromis aureus 44 1F 2m/sm+42t/a TAF-UMD
Tilapia mariae 40 1M/1F 8m/sm+32t/a TAF-UMD
Haplochromine Astatotilapia latifasciata 44 2M/3F/1ns 12m/sm+32t/a Petshop, Botucatu, Brazil
Astatotilapia burtoni 40 1M/2F 14m/sm+26t/a TAF-UMD
Metriaclima lombardoi 44 1M/3F/1ns 14m/sm+30t/a TAF-UMD
Labeotropheus trewavasae 44 2M/3F 14m/sm+30t/a TAF-UMD
Hemichromine Hemichromis bimaculatus 44 2 ns 4m/sm+40t/a Petshop, Botucatu, Brazil
Cichlinae Cichlini Cichla kelberi 48 2M 48 t/a Araguaia River, Brazil
Astronotini Astronotus ocellatus 48 2M 12m/sm+36t/a Tietê River, Brazil
Heroini Symphysodon aequifasciatus 60 3ns 46m/sm+4t/a+10micro Petshop, Botucatu, Brazil
Geophagini Geophagus brasiliensis 48 1M/1F 2m/sm+46t/a São Paulo State rivers, Brazil

2n, diploid chromosome number; m/sm, metacentric/submetacentric; t/a, telocentric/acrocentric; micro, microchromosomes; M/F, males/females; ns, not identified sex.

Mazzuchelli et al.

Mazzuchelli et al. BMC Genomics 2012 13:463   doi:10.1186/1471-2164-13-463

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