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Figure S1. Heritability for individual RE-scores. Histograms of p-values for tests of heritability of individual RE-scores for (a) TargetScan and (b) PicTar algorithms. Figure S2: P-Values for genome-wide tests of association. Histograms (a & b) of p-values for tests of association between all SNP markers and mean RE-score and Manhattan plots (c & d) of p-values in the CEU and YRI respectively. Figure S3: Histograms of p-values for miRNA biogenesis pathway SNPs. Histograms of p-values for the tests of association between SNP markers mapped to the miRNA biogenesis pathway and mean RE-score in the (a) CEU and (b) YRI populations. Figure S4: Many mirtron target genes are also miRNA targets Relationship between the strength of association with rs17409624 for mirtrons and the average number of conventional miRNAs that also target the mirtron’s target genes. This figure is based on TargetScan predictions for conserved miRNA families on HapMap CEU data. R2 = 0.65, p = 5.1 × 10−4 Figure S5: DROSHA promoter region Chromatin state of DROSHA region for nine cell lines from the ENCODE project. Active promoter is shown in bright red. The haplotype block for rs17409624 is shown in black and clearly overlaps the promoter region.

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Geeleher et al. BMC Genomics 2012 13:383   doi:10.1186/1471-2164-13-383