Table 1

Information for the seven public PPI databases
Databases Description ExtractedHomo sapienproteins and interactions
Number of proteins Number of interactions
BioGRID BioGRID provides PPI data compiled through comprehensive curation efforts from high-throughput data sets and individual focused studies. 8204 33625
DIP The DIPTM catalogs experimentally determined interactions between proteins, mainly from yeast, and includes interactions from Helicobacter pylori and human. 1137 1509
HPRD webcite The HPRD provides submitted human PPI data including mass spectrometry and protein microarray-derived data among other data types. 9553 38802
IntAct webcite IntAct contains PPI data with full descriptions of the experimental conditions; data is derived from literature curation or direct user submissions. 7495 30965
MINT MINT focuses on experimentally verified PPIs classified as human, domain–peptide, and virus–virus/host. Data is mined from the scientific literature by expert curators. 5230 15353
REACTOME webcite REACTOME collects manually curated and peer-reviewed pathway data for all species. 3599 74490
SPIKE webcite SPIKE focuses on highly curated human signaling pathways. 6927 23224

Ding et al.

Ding et al. BMC Genomics 2012 13:325   doi:10.1186/1471-2164-13-325

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