Table 3

Survey of Verticillium dahliae and V. albo-atrum isolates for the presence of Class I and II transposons identified in VdLs.17 genome
Isolate Geographic Origin Host VCGb Retrotransposons “Cut and Paste” DNA transposons
VdLs.17a CA Lettuce 2B Copia (VdLTRE 1 and 5), Gypsy (VdLTRE2/3/4) Tc1/mariner (DAHLIAE 1 to 3), Activator (VdHAT 1 to 7), Mutator (VdMULE 1 to 8)
VdT9 CA Cotton 1 Copia (VdLTRE 1 and 5), Gypsy (VdLTRE2/3/4) -
VdV44 TX Cotton 1 Copia (VdLTRE 1 and 5), Gypsy (VdLTRE2/3/4) -
VdPCW CA Pepper 3 Copia (VdLTRE 1 and 5), Gypsy (VdLTRE2/3/4) Tc1/mariner (DAHLIAE1d)
Vd70.21 unknown unknown 3 Copia (VdLTRE 1 and 5), Gypsy (VdLTRE2/3/4) nd
VdDvd-T5 ON Tomato 2A Copia (VdLTRE1), Gypsy (VdLTRE2/3/4) Tc1/mariner (DAHLIAE1d), Activator (VdHAT1)
VdBB ID Potato 4A Gypsy (VdLTRE2/3/4) Tc1/mariner (DAHLIAE2), Activator (VdHAT2)
VdWM TX Cotton 2A Gypsy (VdLTRE2/3/4) nd
VdPH CA Pistachio 2A Copia (VdLTRE1), Gypsy (VdLTRE2/3/4) -
Vd115 Syria Cotton 2B Copia (VdLTRE1), Gypsy (VdLTRE2/3/4) nd
VdS39 OH Soil 4B Copia (VdLTRE1), Gypsy (VdLTRE2/3/4) Tc1/mariner (DAHLIAE2)
VdCW WA Cherry 4A/B Copia (VdLTRE1), Gypsy (VdLTRE2/3/4) Tc1/mariner (DAHLIAE2)
    V. albo-atrum
VaMs.102a PA Alfalfa nd Copia (VdLTRE1) -
Va383-2 ON Potato nd Copia (VdLTRE1) Tc1/mariner (DAHLIAE2)
Va4ATC ON Potato nd Copia (VdLTRE1) Tc1/mariner (DAHLIAE2)
VaV5591 CA Cauliflower nd Copia (VdLTRE1), Gypsy (VdLTRE2/3/4) -
Va462 MN Potato nd nd Tc1/mariner (DAHLIAE2)
VaChile1 Chile Kiwi nd - Tc1/mariner (DAHLIAE2)
VaPSU140 PA Ailanthus altissima nd - Tc1/mariner (DAHLIAE2)
Va48557 UK Tomato nd - Tc1/mariner (DAHLIAE2)
VaV481 UK Hops nd - Tc1/mariner (DAHLIAE2)
VaV104b PEI Potato nd - nd
VaV4901 PEI Potato nd - nd

The presence of the indicated Class I and Class II transposable elements was determined by Southern hybridization or PCR amplification using gene-specific probes (amplicons) or primer pairs, respectively, as described in Materials and Methods and as shown in Additional file 8: Figure S6. aSequenced genomes; bVCG, vegetative compatibility groups; -, not detected; nd, no data.

Amyotte et al.

Amyotte et al. BMC Genomics 2012 13:314   doi:10.1186/1471-2164-13-314

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