Table 1

Extract of Additional file17: Table S6 of the enzymatic activities required for the degradation of soluble galactoglucomannan byA. niger
EC number Name CAZy Gene characterization Specificity Gene Uniprot CBS 513.88 ATCC 1015 Endo-1,4-β-D-mannanase GH5 [22] [22] An05g01320 50378 Endo-1,4-β-D-mannanase GH26 An15g07760 40875 β-mannosidase GH2 An01g06630 172587 β-mannosidase GH2 [23-25] [23,24] mndA Q9UUZ3 An11g06540 138876 α-galactosidase GH36 [24,26] [24] aglC Q9UUZ4 An09g00260 212736 α-galactosidase GH27 An01g01320 172232 α-galactosidase GH27 [26,27] aglB Q9Y865 An02g11150 207264 α-galactosidase GH27 [26,28,29] aglA A2QL72 An06g00170 37736 β-glucosidase GH3 An15g04800 181816 β-glucosidase GH3 An17g00520 129891 β-glucosidase GH3 [30-36] bgl1 A2RAL4 An18g03570 56782 β-galactosidase GH35 An01g10350 46429 β-galactosidase GH35 An14g05820 41910 β-galactosidase GH35 [26] lacA P29853 An01g12150 51764 Acetyl esterase CE16 An02g02540 N/A

For each isoenzyme, putative or characterized, is noted literature references and the gene ID in the sequencings of A. niger CBS 513.88 and ATCC 1015. CAZy families are shown in the CAZy columnn [37], The list of necessary enzymes are gathered from the work described in refs. [18-21].

Andersen et al.

Andersen et al. BMC Genomics 2012 13:313   doi:10.1186/1471-2164-13-313

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