Table 3

Comparison of the WalRK TCS of B. subtilis to the L. lactis orthologs using PePPER’s multiple genome regulon mining tool
B. subtilis L. lactis
MG1363 IL1403 SK11 KF147
walR llrC llrC LACR_0444 tcsR
walK kinC kinC LACR_0443 tcsK
yycJ vicX yeaA LACR_0441 yeaA
yycK htrA htrA LACR_2439 htrA

B. Note that a nomenclature mix up took place in the B. subtilis 168 NC_000964 file (release Feb. 2011); in this release, YycG (locus BSU40400) is called WalK, but it is described as “two-component sensor histidine kinase YycF” while YycF is labeled WalR “two-component response regulator YycG”. The names WalR and WalK have recently been corrected. Due to this temporary swap, the annotation of yycF and yycG could still be wrong in the annotation of other bacterial genomes.

de Jong et al.

de Jong et al. BMC Genomics 2012 13:299   doi:10.1186/1471-2164-13-299

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