Table 1

Origin and characteristics of genotypes included in the 8 pools sequenced with SOLiD
Genotype/collection code Origin Collection Flower and fruit traits % Mapped reads Number of processed reads a1
Pool 1: African agrestis
Tibish/CO199 Sudan MELRIP Mostly monoecious. Mostly small inedible fruits (<5 cm). Round to oval. Light green-white flesh. Non climacteric. No aroma. No sugar. 43.7 30,620,160
Fadasi/CO133 Sudan MELRIP
Tayer/CO195 Cameroon MELRIP
Agrestis/CUM 287 Nigeria IPK
Pool 2: Asian agrestis- acidulus
Agrestis Wild chibbar/CO204 India COMAV Monoecious. Small to medium sized fruits. Oval, elliptic to elongated. Mostly non climacteric. White-light orange flesh. No aroma. No sugar. Low pH. 56.7 15,779,803
Acidulus SLK/CO187 Sri Lanka MELRIP
Agrestis Meloncito/CO153 India COMAV
Acidulus TGR 1551/PI 482420 Zimbabwe NPGS
Voatango/CO202 Madagascar MELRIP
Arya/CO115 India COMAV
Pool 3: Far East conomon
Pat81/CO32 Korea COMAV Andromonoecious-hermaphroditic. Medium sized fruits. Flat, round to elongated. White-green-light orange flesh. Non climacteric-medium climacteric. Medium aroma. Medium sugar. 56.1 17,962,640
Freemans´s Cucumber/CO136 Japan COMAV
Songwhan Charmi/PI 161375 Korea NPGS
Nabunkin/CO153 China MELRIP
Paul/CO169 Poland MELRIP
    Intermediate types between subspecies
Pool 4: Middle East and Indian momordica, dudaim and flexuosus
Momordica/PI124112 India NPGS Andromonoecious-monoecious. Round, flat, oval to very elongated fruits. White-light orange flesh. Climacteric. No to intermediate sugar. Medium to strong aroma. Low pH. 55.3 23,320,668
Momordica/PI124111 India NPGS
Momordica/CUM 438 India IPK
Snakemelon/CO188 Saudi Arabia MELRIP
Flexuosus/CUM 353 Iraq IPK
Flexuosus/CUM 225 India IPK
Dudaim Queen´s pocket melon/CO180 Afghanistan COMAV
Pool 5: Group cantalupensis
Noy Israel/CO162 Israel COMAV Andromonoecious-monoecious- gynoecious. Medium to large size fruits. Flat to oval. Round or ribbed. Green- orange flesh. Climacteric. Sweet. Aromatic. 48.1 23,237,004
Noir des carmes/CO161 France COMAV
Prescott Fond Blanc/CO179 France COMAV
Nantais Oblong/CO159 France MELRIP
Gynadou/CO141 France MELRIP
Cantalupd´alger/CO121 France MELRIP
5 Charentais breeding lines Spain S.Fitó S.A
Pool 6: Group melo Eastern Europe, Central Asia, inodorus, chandalack, ameri
Honeydew/CO143 USA COMAV Monoecious-andromonoecious. Medium-size fruits. Oval, flat to elongated. White-green-light orange flesh. Climacteric. Sweet, variable sugar content. Medium to low aroma. 34.3 8,367,385
Kirkagac/CO150 Turkey COMAV
Muchanesvi/CO156 Georgia MELRIP
Baskavas/CO118 Greece MELRIP
Korca/Cum168 Rusia IPK
Kiziluruk/CO96 Uzbequistan COMAV
Hami melon/CO142 China COMAV
Winter type/PI169329 Turkey NPGS
Maazoon/CO85 Egypt COMAV
Blanco/CO67 Spain COMAV
Carosello/CO122 Italy COMAV
Pool 7: inodorus Spanish landraces
Cañadulce/CO48 Spain COMAV Andromonoecious. Large-sized fruits. Round to elliptic. White-Green flesh. Non climacteric. Sweet. Low aroma. 50.6 17,485,023
Madura amarilla/CO58 Spain COMAV
Erizo/CO75 Spain COMAV
Amarillo oro/CO79 Spain COMAV
Escrito oloroso/CO50 Spain COMAV
Tendral/CO59 Spain COMAV
Verde pinto/CO73 Spain COMAV
Coca/CO49 Spain COMAV
Mochuelo/CO48 Spain COMAV
Largo de Villaconejos/CO69 Spain COMAV
5 Amarillo breeding lines Spain S.Fitó S.A
Pool 8: inodorus group market class Piel de sapo
T111 Spain S.Fitó S.A Andromonoecious. Large-sized fruits. Round to elliptic. White-green flesh. Non climacteric. Sweet. No aroma. 37.2 13,809,773
5 Piel de Sapo breeding lines Spain S.Fitó S.A

a1 Total number of reads and percentage of reads mapped on to the reference melon genome for SNP mining.

Genotypes marked in bold letters are those used for SNP mining trough transcriptome resequencing with Sanger and 454 in previous assays [20,21,27]. Seed source codes: IPK: Institut ftir Pflanzengenetik und Kulturpflanzenforschung, Gatersleben, Germany; NPGS: GRIN NPGS, National Plant System, USDA, USA; MELRIP (2007–2010): ERA-PG project (GEN2006-27773-C2-2-E); COMAV, Institute for the Conservation and Breeding of Agricultural Biodiversity, UPV, Spain; Semillas Fitó S.A. (Barcelona).

Blanca et al.

Blanca et al. BMC Genomics 2012 13:280   doi:10.1186/1471-2164-13-280

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