Figure 1.

Comparative genome content of selected study isolates to referencesM. marinumandM. ulcerans. Circos [36] plot of de novo assembled contigs, for a representative sample of the study isolates, mapped against the reference genomes of M. marinum M and M. ulcerans Agy99. The key below the figure describes the content. Moving inwards, the tracks are genes coloured by functional group (lipid metabolism – black; insertion seqs – aqua; others – green). The next track marks insertion sequences in pink. The remaining tracks show selected isolates and their coverage when de novo contigs are mapped against the reference. The isolates moving inwards are: Mu_06-3845 (Benin), Mu_05142109 (Australia), Mu_L15 (USA), Mu_CC240299 (Israel), Mu_1G897 (French Guiana), Mu_8765 (Japan), Mm_1726 (USA) and M. marinum “M”. The SNPs present in the M.ulcerans core genome are marked by type with coloured triangles in the innermost rings. The 12 loci overlapping the core M. ulcerans – pan M. marinum regions are shown with the outer most labels MUL_nnnn. The M. marinum region spanning the Esx-1 locus is scaled up x30 to highlight how it has been successively affected by deletion and is no longer part of the core M. ulcerans genome (blue circle).

Doig et al. BMC Genomics 2012 13:258   doi:10.1186/1471-2164-13-258
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