Table 2

Pairwise alignments of Xenopus cDNA clones and Xl-PSID consensus sequences: Similarity groupings by e-value
Similarity group Number of XE/Xl-PSID pairwise alignments Number of TE/Xl-PSID pairwise alignments
High (e = 0-10-100) 45 31
Moderate (e = 10-99-10-50) 4 17
Weak (e = 10-49-10-15) 9 10
Low (e > 10-14) 38 43
Affirmative pairwise alignments (H, M, W) 58


(47 unique Xl-PSIDs)

Xl-PSIDs were aligned to Xenopus laevis (XE) and Xenopus tropicalis (TE) inner ear library clone sequences using the BLASTN algorithm. Pairwise alignments were sorted into similarity groups based on e-value. Xl-PSIDs with multiple pairwise alignments to cDNA library clones were counted once. Four Xl-PSIDs aligned to two TE cDNA clones, and one Xl-PSID aligned to eight TE cDNA clones.

Powers et al.

Powers et al. BMC Genomics 2012 13:225   doi:10.1186/1471-2164-13-225

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