Table 3

Differentially expressed grouped by clusters obtained through SOTA analysis
CLUSTER1 U213790 U581507 acidic extracellular 26 kD chitinase AT3G12500.1 (1e-74) Z15141
CLUSTER1 U219231 U584749 adenylate kinase 1, putative AT5G63400.1 (8e-113) None.
CLUSTER1 U220589 U585017 ABI2, protein phosphatase 2c, putative AT3G11410.1 (1e-27) None.
CLUSTER1 U221533 U585018 ABI2, protein phosphatase 2c, putative AT3G11410.1 (3e-66) None.
CLUSTER2 U213043 U579445 Solanum lycopersicum xyloglucan endotransglucosylase-hydrolase XTH3 AT4G25810.1 (6e-113) xth3
CLUSTER2 U214169 U574723 putative auxin-regulated protein AT2G28150.1 (6e-19) None.
CLUSTER2 U219999 U577993 Solanum lycopersicum auxin-regulated IAA3 (IAA3) AT5G43700.1 (3e-57) iaa3
CLUSTER3 U214077 U581654 ascorbate peroxidase, putative AT4G35000.1 (6e-126) None.
CLUSTER3 U216895 U576606 ATP-binding protein serine-threonine kinase, putative AT5G42440.1 (4e-96) None.
CLUSTER3 U219786 U580500 WRKY-type DNA binding protein, putative AT5G13080.1 (2e-45) None.
CLUSTER3 U221153 U571305 protein kinase, putative AT3G09830.2 (5e-54) None.
CLUSTER4 U212755 U581433 glutathione-S-transferase, putative AT3G09270.1 (3e-52) None.
CLUSTER4 U212761 U581313 rieske iron-sulfur protein-like, putative AT5G13430.1 (9e-109) None.
CLUSTER4 U213289 U568366 guanylate kinase 1, putative AT3G57550.2 (9e-118) None.
CLUSTER4 U213865 U577749 glutathione reductase, putative AT3G24170.1 (0) None.
CLUSTER4 U214481 U579446 Glutathione-S-transferase, putative AT1G78380.1 (8e-86) None.
CLUSTER4 U218918 U577701 Gibberellin 3-beta-dioxygenase 2–3, putative AT1G52820.1 (9e-19) None.
CLUSTER4 U230452 U575457 Receptor-like protein kinase 5, putative AT3G57120.1 (2e-44) None.
CLUSTER5 U214682 U576104 MYB-CC type transcription factor, putative AT2G01060.1 (4e-75) None.
CLUSTER5 U214919 U577773 Solanum lycopersicum 1-aminocyclopropane-1-carboxylate oxidase AT1G05010.1 (3e-132) EF501822
CLUSTER5 U215104 U578524 Rac-like GTP-binding protein, putative AT4G35020.1 (7e-95) None.
CLUSTER5 U215556 U575819 Solanum lycopersicum ER33 protein AT1G05710.3 (2e-39) er33
CLUSTER5 U215557 U575819 Solanum lycopersicum ER33 protein AT1G05710.3 (2e-39) er33
CLUSTER5 U216238 U586247 ASKdZeta (Arabidopsis SHAGGY-related protein kinase dZeta), putative AT2G30980.1 (0) SlSK
CLUSTER6 U219631 U581955 Solanum lycopersicum gibberellin 20-oxidase-3 AT4G25420.1 (8e-138) AF049900
CLUSTER6 U230811 U563226 tetratricopeptide repeat-containing protein, putative AT1G33400.1 (3e-59) None.
CLUSTER7 U220976 U572513 F-box protein GID2, putative AT4G24210.1 (2e-21) None.
CLUSTER7 U222417 U566338 bZip family Transcription factor , putative AT5G65210.2 (3e-116) None.
CLUSTER8 U213679 U575872 Solanum lycopersicum ETAG-A3 AT2G01850.1 (2e-131) ETAG-A3
CLUSTER8 U218217 U570030 Solanum lycopersicum squamosa promoter binding-like protein AT2G33810.1 (3e-33) None.
CLUSTER8 U232883 U594117 gigantea, putative AT1G22770.1 (4e-28) None.
CLUSTER9 U217197 U586453 Solanum lycopersicum green ripe-like 1 AT2G26070.1 (8e-87) grrl1
CLUSTER9 U220900 U566888 UDP-sugar transporter, putative AT4G32272.1 (5e-136) None.
CLUSTER10 U213278 U580739 CBL-interacting serine/threonine-protein kinase (cipk3), putative AT2G26980.3 (0) None.
CLUSTER10 U214406 U585891 cellulose synthase, putative AT5G05170.1 (0) None.
CLUSTER10 U215382 U580011 BR1, XET1 (xyloglucan endo-transglycosylase precursor) AT3G23730.1 (2e-121) br1
CLUSTER10 U228865 U564048 cytochrome P450, putative AT5G24910.1 (1e-55) None.

Unigene annotations based on the Sol Genomic Networks web site ( webcite), and the accession numbers corresponding to Arabidopsis orthologs identified using Blast2go [35] are shown for those genes whose expression is depicted in Figure 4.

Lima-Silva et al.

Lima-Silva et al. BMC Genomics 2012 13:187   doi:10.1186/1471-2164-13-187

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